You can do the tour arround the whole of Mallorca and all our tours in e-bike


Do you want to switch to the electric world?

Here is a guide with everything you need to know before pressing the ‘on’ button


Electric mountain bikes (eMTB) are not something of the future, they are already here and they are here to stay and the technology to help human effort continues to improve every day.

Perhaps the best thing about eMTBs is that they haven’t come to replace ‘traditional’ mountain bikes. The more they are used, the clearer it becomes (at least for now), that the models with electrical assistance are something else and offer another type of experience.

Here is our guide to help you prepare for your first time on the trails with an electric MTB:

Getting to know the interface

When you ride an eMTB for the first time you will notice that most of the controls are the same but with a few extra buttons. As technology advances, so will the controls and the elements of the electrical parts, which will become more compact and intuitive.

You have an ‘on / off’ button and then a button (or several) near one of the handle bar grip that allows you to choose between the different assistance modes. The more you use the engine, the faster the battery will run out.


Electric MTBs work best when you increase the pedalling speed. Having a slightly higher cadence than you would with a ‘normal’ mountain bike helps the motor run more efficiently.

The assistance shows a lot on the climbs

The normal thing is to put a smoother gear on the climbs but it is not ideal. Instead, choose a harder gear, sit back and pedal! The first time you try this in Turbo mode the front wheel may lift. You will have to learn to control the front part of the bike in the steepest ascents.

The weight is your friend

When descending with an eMTB you will immediately notice that it weighs more due to the battery and the motor. If you learn to roll with those extra kilos you can use it to your advantage. If you have ridden on a motorcycle you will notice that the feeling is not so different.

 Getting to know the bicycle

The first thing you have to adjust are your braking values, because now the distances to stop the bike will be greater. Keep this in mind to avoid possible problems and accidents. You will soon realize that the little extra weight can be an advantage on descents. The bike will copy the terrain better and will behave better in the counterbalanced areas.

Overcoming the impossible

The best thing about an eMTB is that it allows you to ride on terrain that until now you thought was impossible to conquer

You can climb almost vertical trails

Do you have a climb with a brutal slope ahead? Perfect! Put the weight on the front axle, pedal and you will see that it is possible to reach the top. It will only be a matter of committing yourself to the ascent until you reach the top.

You will soon discover that this idea that the bike does all the work is a myth. When you want to do a wheelie to overcome a trunk with a drop of 22 percent you will realize that you have to use all your energy for it


The duration of the batteries will depend on the manufacturer and how much you use them, they usually come with three different powers which give more or less power to the engine. In our experience you can get approximately 60km in ECO MODE, but on a hard route, you can save the battery by stopping it when it’s not in use.

Try before you buy

This is something that must always be taken into account before buying a new bike and even more so if it is an electrical model. The experience offered by an eMTB is different, so do a test before taking out your credit card.

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