5 ways of carrying your bike by car

One of the biggest problems we can find when we want to make a journey far from home is how to carry our bike with the car. Sometimes this can even convert into the biggest excuse to stay at home!

Here we are going to explain to you how to do it, easily and without problems.

If the route doesn’t start outside your own front door, you have to take your bike to the starting point. To do this with your own car is more flexible and comfortable than having to rely on the timetables of public transport

Keep reading to see the different options, their advantages and disadvantages and also the rules and regulations of each one.

5 ways to do it

  1. Inside the car


You don’t need other piece of equipment just something to hold it steady inside the car.

It doesn’t affect the aerodynamics of the car so it won’t affect the petrol consumption either

Because your bike is inside the car, it won’t get stolen


You will need a big boot

The bike will take up a lot of room, meaning that you won’t have any space for equipment or passengers.

Probably you will have to take off the wheel of the bike in order for it to fit in the car.

There is the possibility that you will dirty the inside of your car

You can damage the most fragile parts of the bike, like the brakes and the gear change.

Rules and regulations

 Even though its legal, the DGT don’t encourage transporting bicycles inside the car because it can be dangerous in the event of an accident.

The bicycles have to be tied in inside the car.

Also, they mustn’t obstruct the movement of the passengers.


  1. Boot bicycle support rack


Because the bike is carried outside the car, this means that you will have space inside for passengers and equipment

They are normally  cheaper than the towball type

When you take the support rack off the car, you can store it in the boot and it doesn’t take up too much space


The support rack has to be dismounted if you need to open the boot

It’s a little difficult to mount at first until you are used to it

You run the risk of scratching your car.

Rules and regulations

The support rack mustn’t cover the back lights or the number plate. If necessary then you must use a second number plate and lights over the support rack so they are visible.

We also have to carry the V-20 sign with this type of bike rack

The bicycle mustn’t be wider than the car (including the wing mirror). If it is then you must remove one of the wheels.

The bicycle must be tied well to the support, with belts, tensioners and elastic straps.

The law also says that if the driver is unable to see through the rear-view mirror then you must have another one places on the right-hand side.

Recommended models

For this type of support rack, you need to find the ideal model that adapts to the shape of your car, especially considering the shape of 5-door or family cars.

3.Towball bike carriers


Carrying the bikes outside the car frees up interior space for luggage or people.

It lets you open the boot without having to unload the bikes first.

We can carry up to four bicycles depending on the model.


It is more expensive than the boot support rack.

Installation of a tow ball is required.

Rules and regulations

The same conditions apply as with the boot support rack. In this case it must be emphasized that the load cannot protrude more than 15% of the length of the vehicle. This distance can be obtained by multiplying the length of your car by 0.15.

We also have to carry the V-20 with this type of bike rack

Recommended Models

The best ones are those with built-in lights and number plate space. There are models for one, two, three and four bicycles.


  1. On the roof of the vehicle (with roof rack)


As bikes is carried outside the car, it frees up interior space for luggage or people.

It is faster to mount the bikes than in the boot support rack.

No need for V-20 signal.


It affects more aerodynamics and therefore consumption.

We could forget that we are carrying the bikes up and have an accident in tunnels, petrol stations, car parks …

It is a little uncomfortable when loading the bicycles since it is necessary to raise them to the height of the roof of the car.

Rules and regulations

In this case there are only regulations when it comes to ensuring that there is no risk of the load falling

  1. In a trailer


Practically the same as the ball bike rack.

It allows us to carry more cargo.


It is the most expensive option.

Parking and maneuverability problems.

Rules and regulations

In addition to what was previously said about the disposition of the cargo, the specific regulations for trailers should be added.

Can we be fined for not carrying the bike correctly?

Indeed, they can fine us if we fail to comply with any aspect of the regulations applicable to each transport system. This fine can vary from € 80 to € 200, so it is best to ensure that we carry them correctly.

A few last tips

  • As a general rule, make sure the bikes are secure. You would not be the first for the bikes the fall off in the middle of the road, and the worst thing is not that we load the bikes incorrectly, but that we cause a more serious accident.
  • Remember that carrying the V-20 is mandatory whenever we carry a rear load.By using it can free us from paying a much higher sum than the plate would have cost us.
  • There is a lot of talk that the system we use has to be approved. The DGT is clear in this regard “the removable elements intended for conditioning and protecting the load do not require prior approval”.
  • Moderate driving style. Takes corners more smoothly and slow down, especially when driving speed bumps. Keep in mind that you are carrying an extra load.



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