Want to know the answer to the question we have all asked when it comes to making our routes problem free and self sufficient, without having to call for help? Well, with our years of experience on the road, let’s see what’s necessary to take with you in your emergancy mechanical repair kit, while you are out on your bicycle.

There are a series of tools that will enable you to solve about 80% of the things that can go wrong whilst you are out and about. Here’s our suggestion of what you can take in your emergancy kit, small enough to be carried in a toolbag especially designed for your bike.

1. Multifunction tool for bikes . This miracle tool will help get us out of any sticky situation. It is important that this tool is specially designed for the bicycle. It will have various different components on this tool, which are all useful but the most important and essential are a basic set of Allen keys and chaincutters

2. Spare inner-tubes for your bicycle To be able to change your flat tyre quickly, it’s important to have a spare inner-tube. It’s also much easier to change the inner-tube en route rather than trying to repair a puntured one. Make sure that the inner-tube is the correct size for your wheel and has the correct valve. Seems like common sense, but it wouldnt be the first or last time i’ve seen that kind of mistake! And make sure you take two spare inner-tubes…..you know Murphy’s law, dont you?

3. Two bike tyre levers. Essential to help you take the tyre off the wheel to allow you to change the inner-tub when punctured.

4. A small bicycle pump. This small pump is necessary to blow up the tyre after changing the inner-tube

5. Mini puncture repair kit. (with rasp,patches and glue) This is to solve the problems of Murphy’s law ,let me explain,you won’t get a puncture in the next 20 times that you go out on your bike, but on the 21st, you will, and not just once, or twice…..With a punture repair kit you will be ready for this kind of eventuality

6. Bicycle Tyre fix spray. If you think that all the things that we have suggested that you take to fix a punture are too much, then with this spray you can temporally fix the punture, probably enough to get you home….

7. Spare chain link.If your chain breaks, which is one of the most common problems that you can have , its a good idea to take with you a spare chain link to substitute the broken one.

8. Some plastic ties. It sounds stupid , right? But these plastic ties can help you in a lot of situations.They can hold, tie up are link lots of different things on the bike. They are something that might seem very insignificant, but turn out to be quite important..

9. Small bag to carry everything. All that we have mentioned , except the pump, that can be carried in the jersey pocket or on the frame of the bike, can be stored in a bag like this…

10. Apart from all this to do with the mechanical world of the bicycle, we also recommend that you always carry some money,a gel,a glucose tablet or an energy bar just in case your route takes longer than expected. You never know if you might need them the most…. Trust me….

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