How to start Mountain Biking.

MTB is a well-loved activity all over the world, with the number of fans growing very weekend. With the perfect combination of cycling and the mountains, it’s easy to become hooked from the first time you try it. There are paths and tracks for everyone in your area so, little by little you can improve your level and ability by trying out different tracks that suit you and your personal challenges.

But when you are new in the world of mountain biking, there are always a lot of questions and doubts to be answered, for example, which bike is the best to start with but without having to spend a lot of money? Or what do I need to take with me? Keep reading for some great advice on starting with MTB…..

What kind of bicycle do I need to start with?

One of the most popular questions asked when we are beginning is which bicycle should I buy or if I can use the bike I already have. If you already have a MTB then all you need to do is start pedalling! If you have to buy a bike then we recommend, before you spend a lot of money, to find a second hand bike that’s within your price range. Be careful when you buy the bike directly from a person and not a company. We always recommend that you take a friend that knows his stuff with you to check the bike out before you buy it.

Its recommended that all new bikers, who are starting out, to buy a second hand bike instead of a new one. This is an important piece of advice because you can see if you really like this type of sport and if you do, you can choose which type of MTB to go for when buying a new one a little later down the line. Also, it’s a good way to learn how to fix your bike when things go wrong and also to get to know your physical strengths and limits on the bike.

Which size of bike do I need?

If you are considering buying a MTB to start with, the size is a really important thing to think about. The most important thing is that the bike adjusts to your size.

To calculate the size, you need you need to take into account your height and also the length of the inside of your leg.

Always wear a helmet when you are on the bike.

This is a rule, you should always have your helmet on, whether you are going up or downhill, because you can fall at any time on something like a loose stone or a rock.

A proper mountain bike helmet is needed. It’s not possible to use other styles of helmets such as motorbike or horse-riding ones. It doesn’t matter which level of MTB you have, be it professional or if you are just out for a ride, you always need to wear a properly adjusted helmet that fits correctly.


Do I have to be fit?

When we start, we always wonder, am I fit enough or will I be able to complete all the route? Well, there are routes for all tastes and physical conditions to choose from to improve our fitness and level. It’s a good idea to check if you have any medical problems or physical limitations before so you can enjoy your first route to the full. The best thing about MTB is that it doesn’t matter if the route is only 8kms, with a stop for a snack around different villages or a long route of 100km with a variety of terrains, all of them offers something to enjoy!

We have a couple important recommendations to consider at the beginning…

1.Be realistic with your limits.

  1. Study the route that you want to do and where you want to go before you go. Both things are important for a satisfactory experience on MTB to leave you wanting more and you don’t want to get lost in the mountains without the strength to find your way back!

To sum up, to know about the equipment that you need to take in your bike bag, you can check our other blog post ( ) , to plan the route and enjoy the mountains these are the 4 most important things that you need to remember when starting out in Mountain biking….

  1. A bike that adjusts to your size.
  2. A helmet especially for MTB.
  3. A route that’s apt for your physical ability.
  4. Most importantly…. to enjoy it!
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